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Injury/Pain Conditions

Post-Surgical Recovery

Autoimmune Conditions



Weight loss/Starting Anew

Digestive Disorders


Low Energy/Fatigue


...and much more!


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Client Words

“Angela is truly an amazing person and quite professional. She is easy going but extremely tuned in to her clients.. and very reliable. She offers terrific advice along with her treatments. She is cautious and wise. I was a total cynic and tried this for an issue the docs could not figure out. I was delighted to learn all the areas in which she can be helpful and she was the first to say “I do not think you need me any more, but you are welcome to come anytime” The location is very easy and I would highly recommend her and her services!”
— EW


Angela Noelle Martin

Licensed Acupuncturist and Clinic Owner

Phone: 617-824-0910



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